birthday: 24. April
height: 168 cm
weight: 59,5 kg
shoe size: eu 37/38, uk 5-5,5, us 7/8
status: married
favorite food: italian
music: rock, latin, pop
job: hospital


where are you gonna buy your shoes?
if you have questions concerning my shoes, please send me an E-Mail and i will answer you.
but i will answer questions only to my members anymore.

why do your shoes look so new?
a lot of shoes i own are expensive, so i wear them outdoors very seldom. daytime i'm wearing cheap shoes, with 4 or 5 inch heels, from shoe discounters.

do you wear high-heeled shoes all day long?
in fact that i have a normal "9 to 5" job i'm not gonna wear the shoes the whole day.

are you available for a date or can i meet you in person?

why don't you show special interest pictures (trampling, shoe jobs)?
i have no problems with these things, but my homepage is not the kind of site which presents stuff like that.

can i buy some of your shoes?

i would like to send you a pair of heels as a gift, where do i send them?
if you like to send me a pair of shoes (many thanks to mr. alexander s.) please send them to:

as a matter of course i will show a session from these shoes.